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Welcome to Live Oak Dermatology

Located in Fairview, Pennsylvania we are proud to have the first and only Board Certified Mohs Surgeon in the area, Dr. Michael Zaycosky. Dr. Zaycosky is also Board Certified in Dermatology and will be treating all dermatological conditions with a focus on skin cancer treatment and prevention. We are aware of the tremendous need for dermatology in the area and are eager to schedule patients as efficiently as possible.

We know that your time is precious as is ours; therefore, we strive to serve you as efficiently as possible. Scheduling is based on your dermatologic concern and once scheduled you will only be seen for that concern. If you do have multiple concerns, we ask that you choose the one that is most important to you and we are happy to address the rest at follow-up appointments. Multiple add on concerns are the main reasons offices run behind which takes time away from every other patient on the schedule that day.

Live Oak Dermatology – Services We Offer

  • Mohs Surgery

  • Skin Cancer

  • Rosacea

  • Acne

  • Rashes

  • Psoriasis

  • Eczema

  • Moles


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Why Choose Us

ONLY Board Certified Mohs Micrographic Surgeon in the area. Mohs surgery ensures the highest cure rates for skin cancer removal. Paired with Dr. Zaycosky’s extensive experience in facial and surgical reconstruction you will be left with minimal scarring.

Single Spot Access - At Live Oak Dermatology, we will make every effort to schedule a “Single Spot” appointment within 2 weeks of contacting us. This appointment is ONLY for skin cancer concerns. This brief appointment is to evaluate a SINGLE new/changing lesion of concern. If you need a biopsy, and your insurance allows it, it will be performed that same day.

Comprehensive Dermatology – Live Oak Dermatology whether you are being seen for acne or skin cancer it is all done in the same office. Regardless of the skin condition you no longer need to follow up with a separate surgeon or travel for Mohs Surgery.